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Practicing Mindfulness - An Introduction to Meditation
... In recent decades, science has confirmed that meditation, when correctly practiced, offers lasting benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional...
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Labyrinth Journeys - Labyrinths as Tools for Healing and Meditation
...describe how they use this pathway as a tool for healing, rehabilitation, meditation, stress reduction, spiritual awareness, and playful exploration. ...
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Practicing Meditation
Episode 7 of The Science of Integrative Medicine with an insightful examination of meditation. In addition to reviewing the multitude of benefits that meditation can provide as both a coping strategy...
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Part of the Series: Alternative Health Series
... Discover the gift of relaxation with the ancient practice of meditation. Meditation allows us to cope with stresses and strains naturally and without...
Position: Where to Be for Meditation
Episode 5 of Practicing Mindfulness
... Now learn about the most beneficial physical conditions for your meditation. First, consider the time of day and the physical setting that will best...
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A Movable Meditation
Episode 16 of Mastering Tai Chi
... Tai chi is both moving meditation and movable meditation-you can perform the form anywhere, and you carry the mental aspects with you in every situation...
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Moving Meditation: Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong
Episode 8 of The Science of Integrative Medicine
...other mindful practices, Dr. Bauer dedicates an entire lecture to moving meditation, including yoga, tai chi, and qi gong. Although these methods have existed...
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Voices of Resilience - Insight from Injury
...examples of veterans who are opening up to ancient practices of yoga and meditation, warriors who are searching - and finally finding themselves - on a path...
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From Business to Being - The Crisis of Consciousness in the American Workplace
...extent are the crises of today's workplaces crises of consciousness? Can meditation and awareness training help to free people from stress provoking patterns...
The Science of Integrative Medicine
...of treatment and healing. If you've ever considered herbal supplements, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, or a change of diet to promote better health, then...
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Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey
This is the story of a woman who thought she had it all until she lost her beloved mother to cancer. Trying to process and understand her profound grief, Suzanne embarked on a journey and turned to a deeper practice…
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Composed - Overcoming Performance Anxiety
Many of us are terrified of public speaking, let alone performing! COMPOSED explores the many ways we experience and face performance anxiety, through the experiences of professional musicians. Faced with the judgment of peers, the audience, and themselves, these musicians…
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States of Grace - An Inspiring Journey of Resilience, and Renewal
Winner of multiple audience awards, States of Grace intimately captures the profound transformation of a revered physician and her family in the wake of a life-changing accident. For Dr. Grace Dammann, a pioneering AIDS specialist who was honored by the…
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About Men - A Portrait of a Men's Support Group
Never before has a filmmaker been accepted into a men's group, where everything that is said in the room stays in the room. Never before has a woman filmed men expressing themselves in an emotionally risky manner. ABOUT MEN is…
Mindfulness: Heart Healing to Manage Stress
Episode 14 of How to Make Stress Work for You
... There's a lot of misunderstanding about meditation out there. Learn how to leverage mindfulness as a tool and a practice. From mindful breathing to mindful...
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Expectations: Relinquishing Preconceptions
Episode 3 of Practicing Mindfulness
...introduces the practice of meditation as a tool for developing mindfulness. Here, distinguish the true nature of mindfulness meditation from common preconceptions...
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Walking: Mindfulness While Moving
Episode 10 of Practicing Mindfulness
... Walking meditation, another core element of the mindfulness tradition, allows you to practice mindfulness wherever and whenever you go. Learn walking...
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Body: Attending to Our Physical Natures
Episode 8 of Practicing Mindfulness
...mindfulness practice, learn another technique that augments and supports meditation. The body scan directs focused attention to different areas of the body...
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Breathing: Finding a Focus for Attention
Episode 6 of Practicing Mindfulness
... Mindfulness meditation is based in the use of an anchor or focus of attention, allowing the mind to calm itself. Using your breathing as the focus, learn...
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Preparation: Taking Moral Inventory
Episode 4 of Practicing Mindfulness
... In approaching meditation, consider the interconnections of ethical behavior with the development of mindfulness and the shaping of personal character...
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