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Behavioral Self-Control
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Behavioral Self-Control
With Reid Hester

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7 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Alternatives to Substance Abuse - With Robert Meyers and Jane Ellen Smith
For many people in recovery from substance abuse, one of the most challenging aspects of living a sober life is learning how to "fill the void" previously occupied by drugs…
Episode 2 Assertiveness - With Bob Alberti
In this engaging and informative video, Dr. Bob Alberti, renowned expert on assertiveness training, teaches the nuts and bolts of this critical skill. Dr. Alberti explores this topic with the…
Episode 3 Behavioral Self-Control - With Reid Hester
In any stage of recovery, the question arises again and again: "How do I just stop doing something that feels like such a fundamental part of my life?" In this…
Episode 4 Managing Emotions - With Peter Palanca
Taking ownership of our behavior is a major part of recovery, but difficult emotions can often hinder our progress. As the recovery process deepens, we often face the hurdle of…
Episode 5 Problem Solving - With Terrence Real
If you are in recovery, then you have already moved toward solving one of the biggest problems anyone might face. But once recovery has begun, it can seem paradoxically like…
Episode 6 Social Skills - With Lorraine Collins
Many addictions start with the casual use of drugs or alcohol to "loosen up" at social events. People entering recovery often find that their entire social groups are still using,…
Episode 7 Stress Management - with Jon Carlson & Judy Lewis
For those recovering from substance abuse, coping with the daily stress of living can be especially taxing. Suddenly, the old way of relieving anxiety and doubt by using drugs or…

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