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What we choose to quench our thirst matters more than you might think. Beverages are the single largest source of calories in the average American diet and their contribution often goes largely unnoticed. Soft drinks, sweetened teas, specialty coffee drinks, sports drinks, fruit-flavored juices, and energy drinks are the sugary, empty-calorie culprits contributing to rising rates of obesity and other chronic diseases.

Discover the best beverage bets and learn more about how to make healthy choices through short video segments, including:

Sugar Shockers: A Sour Choice (4:47)
Sports Drinks and Performance (3:27)
Water That Isn't H2O (3:25)
Energy Drinks and Caffeine (6:50)
Healthy Beverages = Healthy You (6:43)

Running Time
27 mins
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5 videos included

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I accidentally clicked on a video about Caffeine, sort of annoyed, but since it used my play credit, I watched it. While drinking coffee. Its 7 min long (seems like these 7 min long vids should be like 1/4 of a play credit?!!) Anyways, it had some interesting facts. Not nothing with actual ...Read more